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Pakistani Christians Will Remain Strong in face of persecution

This past few months has seen persecution rise for Christians in Pakistan. Many homes have been burnt down and destroyed, pastors have been killed and suicide bombers have targeted churches. Pakistani Christians need your prayers.

However, one thing I love about my bothers and sister here in Pakistan. No matter how much attack there is against us, houses burnt down, churches destroyed, bombs killing us, kidnappings and torture, we will not turn our back on our God, but will remain committed to serving Him all the days of our lives. The more they burn our churches the more the Church is spiritually on fire for JESUS. The more persecution there is, the greater the hunger there appears to be to know more about JESUS and His love and salvation power. We will continue to advance and the gates of hell, no matter how hard they try will not prevail against us.

Please keep Pakistan in your prayers.

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